Real-Time Detection and Management of Chronic Illnesses

Posted On 2020-08-28 14:19:38

This focused on “Real-Time Detection and Management of Chronic Illnesses” is edited by Dr. Mei R. Fu, from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, New York University, New York, NY, USA.

Real-time detection and management of chronic illnesses
Mei R. Fu

Original Article
Real-time electronic patient evaluation of lymphedema symptoms, referral, and satisfaction: a cross-sectional study
Jennifer L. Nahum, Mei R. Fu, Joan Scagliola, Martha Rodorigo, Sandy Tobik, Amber Guth, Deborah Axelrod

Apps for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer: a preliminary assessment of the content and quality of commercially available apps in Spanish
Rubén Martín-Payo, Llara Ferreras-Losilla, Xana González-Méndez, Claudia Leirós-Díaz, Andrea Martínez-Urquijo, Maria del Mar Fernández-Álvarez

The usefulness of the Electronic Patient Visit Assessment (ePVA)© as a clinical support tool for real-time interventions in head and neck cancer
Janet H. Van Cleave, Mei R. Fu, Antonia V. Bennett, Catherine Concert, Ann Riccobene, Anh Tran, Allison Most, Maria Kamberi, Jacqueline Mojica, Justin Savitski, Elise Kusche, Mark S. Persky, Zujun Li, Adam S. Jacobson, Kenneth S. Hu, Michael J. Persky, Eva Liang, Patricia M. Corby, Brian L. Egleston

Individualized sleep promotion in acute care hospitals: managing specific factors that affect patient sleep
Lichuan Ye, Patricia C. Dykes

Usability study of wearable inertial sensors for exergames (WISE) for movement assessment and exercise
Ashwin Rajkumar, Fabio Vulpi, Satish Reddy Bethi, Preeti Raghavan, Vikram Kapila

The feasibility and acceptability of mobile health monitoring for real-time assessment of traumatic injury outcomes
Sara F. Jacoby, Andrew J. Robinson, Jessica L. Webster, Christopher N. Morrison, Therese S. Richmond

Evaluation framework for selecting wearable activity monitors for research
Kay Connelly, Haley Molchan, Rashmi Bidanta, Sudhanshu Siddh, Byron Lowens, Kelly Caine, George Demiris, Katie Siek, Blaine Reeder

Real-time, simulation-enhanced interprofessional education in the care of older adults with multiple chronic comorbidities: a utilization-focused evaluation
Charles P. Tilley, Janna Roitman, Kimberly P. Zafra, Mary Brennan

Review Article
Use of technology to facilitate a prospective surveillance program for breast cancer-related lymphedema at the Massachusetts General Hospital
Lauren M. Havens, Cheryl L. Brunelle, Tessa C. Gillespie, Madison Bernstein, Loryn K. Bucci, Yara W. Kassamani, Alphonse G. Taghian

Case Report
Real-time decision-making in chronic illness branching simulation
Natalya Pasklinsky, Ashley Graham-Perel, Princess Villacarlos-Philip, Maryann Slaka-Vella, Charles P. Tilley

The series “Real-Time Detection and Management of Chronic Illnesses” was commissioned by the editorial office, mHealth without any sponsorship or funding. Mei R. Fu served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.