Article Processing Charges

Journal TitleArticle Processing Charges (USD)
*Editorial, editorial commentary and review articles that are commissioned by Editorial Office are free of charge;
*This APC policy is valid from April 21, 2023.

What does the Article Processing Charge include?

  • Developing and maintaining electronic tools for peer review and publication
  • Article production and preparation in various formats for publication
  • Immediate, worldwide open access to the full article text
  • Liaison with abstracting and indexing services

When and how to pay the article processing charges?

When your article is accepted, the editorial office will send you the payment instructions, a bill number and a Paypal account in the final decision letter. After payment, please send the PAYMENT PROOF (bank slip or screenshot) to and cc Your article will be sent to copy-editing and type-setting when the payment is received.

Updated on April 21, 2023