mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery

Posted On 2022-08-05 10:42:44

This series on “mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery” is edited by Prof. Donna J. Slovensky and Prof. Donna M. Malvey. The authors are proud to present this special edition to highlight and contribute to improve infrastructure and assessment of mHealth services.

Editorial on mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery
mHealth on the periphery
Donna J. Slovensky, Donna Malvey

Original Article on mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery
Patient clinical documentation in telehealth environment: are we collecting appropriate and sufficient information for best practice?
Shannon H. Houser, Cathy A. Flite, Susan L. Foster, Thomas J. Hunt, Angela Morey, Miland N. Palmer, Jennifer Peterson, Roberta Darnez Pope, Linda Sorensen

Retrospective evaluation of a pilot eHealth/mHealth telewellness program for people with disabilities: Mindfulness, Exercise, and Nutrition To Optimize Resilience (MENTOR)
James H. Rimmer, Jereme Wilroy, Pierre Galea, Amanda Jeter, Byron W. Lai

Value-based modeling for mobile health application development
Michael M. Lipscomb, Alhefdi Mohammad, Alharthi Abdulrahman, Leon Jololian

Review Article on mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery
Telehealth and food insecurity screenings: challenges and lessons learned
Christina Bernhardt, Christian King

A brief analysis of challenges in implementing telehealth in a rural setting
Varadraj P. Gurupur, Zhuqi Miao

Key observations in terms of management of electronic health records from a mHealth perspective
Varadraj P. Gurupur

Transition to wellness: developing a telehealth wellness program to address student fieldwork challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic
Gavin R. Jenkins, Deek Cunningham, Maya F. Barcelli, Jordan Gray Meoli

The series “mHealth: Innovations on the Periphery” was commissioned by the Editorial office, mHealth without any sponsorship or funding. Donna J. Slovensky and Donna M. Malvey served as the unpaid Guest Editors of the series and serve as the unpaid editorial board members of mHealth.