Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations

Posted On 2020-10-15 10:33:12

This series on “Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations” is edited by Dr. Carinne Brody, from College of Education and Health Sciences, Touro University, Vallejo, CA, USA; and Dr. Sarah Sullivan, from Touro University California, Vallejo, USA.

Case Report on Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations
The use of eHealth to design a regional health promotion program in the workplace: Institute of Costa Rican Electricity case series
Anton Zamora-Ilarionov, Laura Rodriguez

Original Article on Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations
Testing mHealth solutions at the last mile: insights from a study of technology-assisted community health referrals in rural Kenya
Andrew Karlyn, Stephen Odindo, Rohin Onyango, Caroline Mbindyo, Tabitha Mberi, Gideon Too, Joseph Dalley, Isaac Holeman, Beatrice Wasunna

We are family: designing and developing a mobile health application for the San Francisco bay area House Ball and Gay Family communities
Parya Saberi, Beth Berrean, Cynthia Milionis, Jeffrey O. Wong, Emily Arnold

Virtually possible: using telehealth to bring reproductive health care to women with opioid use disorder in rural Maine
Terri-Ann Thompson, Katherine A. Ahrens, Leah Coplon

Can mHealth and eHealth improve management of diabetes and hypertension in a hard-to-reach population? —lessons learned from a process evaluation of digital health to support a peer educator model in Cambodia using the RE-AIM framework
Lesley Steinman, Maurits van Pelt, Heang Hen, Chhea Chhorvann, Channe Suy Lan, Vannarath Te, James LoGerfo, Annette L. Fitzpatrick

Addressing anemia among women in India—an informed intervention using Facebook Ad Manager
Nadia Diamond-Smith, Avery E. Holton, Sarah Francis, Drew Bernard

Perceived barriers and facilitators in using text and voice messaging for improving HIV and sexual and reproductive health of female entertainment workers in Cambodia: a qualitative study
Kiyoko Kai Xuan Ong, Janelle Shaina Ng, Chhorvoin Om, Pheak Chhoun, Sovannary Tuot, Siyan Yi

Where are the female experts? Perceptions about the absence of female presenters at a Digital Health Conference in Bolivia
Sarah Sullivan, Ana Posada, Matthew Hawkins, Giomar Higueras

Chat-based hotlines for health promotion: a systematic review
Carinne Brody, Alaina Star, Jasmine Tran

A pilot randomized controlled trial (RCT) of daily versus weekly interactive voice response calls to support adherence among antiretroviral treatment patients in India
Dallas Swendeman, Anne E. Fehrenbacher, Soma Roy, Protim Ray, Stephanie Sumstine, Aaron Schef er, Rishi Das, Smaraijt Jana

The series “Digital Interventions for Hard-to-reach Populations” was commissioned by the editorial office, mHealth without any sponsorship or funding. Carinne Brody and Sarah Sullivan served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.